Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Stu Graham

If you can skate Livi you can pretty much skate anywhere. The park - and its parties - are bigger, rougher, faster and gnarlier than photographs or video could ever show. Having been raised next to its hallowed concrete waves, Stu Graham now shralps parks all over the world with the grace and finesse of an out-of-control cannonball after two bottles of Buckfast, except twice as fast and ten times as dangerous. Obviously we needed to know what music is fueling his on-going rampage...

What's your favourite skate video, music-wise?
Probably Wheels of Fire. I was only about six or seven maybe, when I saw it. I just remember it being really American, really Californian.

Have you got a favourite section track?
Ah, man... There's so many. Hundreds. Recently, I really liked the tune from Arto Saari's part in Mind Field. Fuck, who was it? I cannae think.

I know. I'm hungover. It was one of those bands all the Americans were into at the time.

Aye. I'm just baked right now, and I cannae remember shit. (It was 'Atlas', by Battles)

What's your favourite album of all time?
Holy shit. Haha! I'm sitting with my mate just now and he just said "That's a big fucking question!" I'm into the craziest genres of music, I listen to hella bluegrass... There's so much, just endless amounts. Flatt and Scruggs probably!

What was the first album you bought with your own money?
It was a Public Enemy album! What one was it again... Shit, I cannae remember! I need to remember.

What was on the cover?
It was a really fuckin' dark cover, and Flav had a white clock. All of them are dressed in black as well. Everybody's dressed in black but Flav has this white clock.

Yo! Bum Rush The Show?
Aye. I remember buying it because I only had one black mate when I was a wee guy, and he was with me when I bought it. Haha! At that time he'd been showing me loads of hip-hop. That's what got me into it. He took me down and showed me some shit! I think I was ten, or maybe eleven. It was way before high school anyway!

Have you got favourite album artwork?
Probably (Metallica's) Ride The Lightning, man!

Cool. Have you got any songs that you play to get yourself psyched to try something?

Fuck, man! I listen to hella bluegrass when I skate, cos it's really fast. The pickin' and the bass is usually really fast so it's usually bluegrass I skate to nowadays. Maybe Ricky Skaggs, Flatt and Scruggs again, or Chet Atkins. Loads of stuff.

What was the first gig you went to?

Aaahhh... This is totally gay. It was the Manic Street fuckin' Preachers. I was only 14 man, it was when they very first came out! It wasn't recent or anything! It was when the Forum was in Livi, remember that? That's where they had all the big gigs. In fact, I saw the Prodigy there as well. That was after, but that was some shit! It was the first time I got intae some drugs, I think!

So you play music then?
I've not got a band or anything, I just like to play myself. Just pickin' away myself. I'm not that good. I can play with the guy I'm with just now, if we sit down and talk about what it is we're gonna do we can get something going, but I cannae just jam with folk yet.
Basically, I came back from the States - to Livi - and a guy I knew all through school was playing the guitar and doing lessons, and I pretty much just started learning off him. Within the last four years I've learned to play guitar, bass and banjo. Pretty hyped.

What's the best gig you've seen?
Definitely Hank Williams III. It was down in Manchester at Tez Robinson's stag night. It was quality. Something that Cubic set up. It was pretty rad!

What was the last music you acquired?

Lynyrd Skynyrd. Loads of Lynyrd Skynyrd. I've been looking out a bunch of that shit. That 'Simple Man' tune, I've been trying to learn how to play that.

How do you choose the music for you sections?

They usually just tell me! They're like "We've edited your part, and it goes good to this tune. What do you think?" Haha! Saying that, with that Osiris part, I did have a wee bit of say in that.

The Pogues.
Aye, 'The Boys From County Hell'. With that tune, I can play the start of it, and I've always been super hyped on it. My da was really into the Pogues, and it's just a tune I can remember from being a wee guy, y'know? That's why I used that.

Are there any companies you think use really shitty music in their videos?
Aw... This is pretty harsh, isn't it? It's like "How much do you want to hate on somebody right now?" Haha! This is probably gonna make you laugh, but you know what I absolutely hate the most? Div and all those guys in the States have even been talking about it too. You know Shralp Ya Bass (Scottish video blog), all those wee clips that Dickson's been putting up? Dude, I love the clips, I love the skating, I cannae get enough of Colin man, I love watching them! But see the way... There'll be like a rock fakie and everybody's like "YEEAAAAHHH!!!" And it's like, "Dude, will you all just shut the fuck up so I can watch this?!" Honestly, I hope you put that in because I've said to Dickson. If they were doing something pretty sick then it's fair enough, but will yous all just shut the fuck up so I can watch this clip?

I'm wearing an SYB t-shirt right now. I'll pass that on.

Classic. Yes! It's just that it's rad as fuck, because Scotland's never had anything, and it's rad that Dickson and they guys are actually doing it, but it's like Kerr and all they goons just shout all the time. I'm like "Dude, will you just shut up man? These dudes are smashing it and yous are just blowin' it by shouting in the clips". It's fuckin' bullshit! Haha!

Stu's up at 5:40, but you should really watch all of this.

What are your plans for 2012 then?
I'm still trying to get my green card stuff organised. If that ever happens I'll be fuckin' out of here as fast as I can fuckin' get out! I've got a video part coming out too, in this new Creature video they're bringing out. I haven't even started filming for it yet... They're sending over a filmer, he should be here in February.

A Livi section in a Creature video then?
There'll be some Livi in it, but they've got some crazy-ass ideas! We're not even gonna be in the UK much!

Once again, so much good stuff here - Stu's at 4:50

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