Thursday, 10 May 2012

Clyde Singleton

It's 16 years since the triumvirate of 101, Blind and World Industries released their Trilogy video, and consequently altered the direction of skateboarding (and its associated music and clothing) in a way that has rarely been seen since. The Wu-Tang, Lockwood and Polo Sport were as crucial to this package as the skating of Kareem, Gino, Dill, Daewon, Creager and Clyde Singleton. More than just skateboarders skateboarding, this was a movement, and Clyde epitomised everything that was cool about it.
Many of those involved have followed drastically different career paths since, some owning companies, and some quitting entirely. Clyde has skated constantly since, and has recently been honoured with a Blind 'Brotherhood Board' pro model. He's one of the most likable people in skateboarding, and has probably featured on more 'friends' sections than anyone else, over his time on Acme, 101, 23 and eventually Zoo York... He was good enough to have a very quick chat about the music he's digging.

 Clyde. Self-portrait.

What was the first skate video you saw where the music really jumped out?
I'd probably have to say either Love Child or Questionable... Hokus Pokus - and all the old H-Street vids - had some good classic punk in 'em too, though.
What's your favourite video section track, and why?
Sean Sheffey in Questionable. I was a huge fan of both him and Fu-Schnickens, and when 'La Schmoove' dropped on his part... Wow... I remember it like yesterday.
What's your favourite video overall, for music?
Minority Report, because I produced it as well as did the soundtrack.
Have you got a least favourite? Anything you had to watch with the sound down?
Any Thrasher video. Always good skating, always terrible music.
How do you go about choosing music for your sections?
Whatever I'm feeling. I usually keep about three songs to the side, and just picture myself skating to it.
Is there something you sing in your head to get psyched for trying something?
Depends. I could be singing a country song in the back of my head.
Clyde. Photo by Nick Garcia.

What's your favourite album of all time?
'Paid In Full', or 'Fear of a Black Planet'. Kinda tough... I can bump both all the way through, with little to no problem.
Was 101 the best company of all time?
Is this some kinda trick question..?

Does it bum you out what happened to the old World companies? Are you still in touch with those guys? 
Yeah, I still talk to a lot of my old teammates. They have this crazy new thing called the internet. You can communicate with people. And naw, it don't bum me out. That's them. I'm me.

What's your favourite album art?
BDP 'Sex & Violence'.

What was the first album you bought?
Motley Crue's 'Shout at the Devil'. My Momma thought I'd lost my mind.

What are you listening to just now?
Pac Div, 'The Greatest'. Dope song, dope beat, good message... Gets me hyped.
You ever meet T-Pain out there in Florida?
Nah. He's from Tallahasse, though. He used to be a really dope rapper, before he started singing. Dude can write a hit, I'll tell you that much!
Anything coming out soon you're excited about?
That M.A.R.S. project Cormega is putting together. It's Roc Marciano, Cormega, Action Bronson and Saigon. Albums gonna be produced by Large Professor.

Tell us how you got hold of the second KMD album.
Rodney Clarke gave it to me, on my first trip to Europe back in ‘93.. Rodney's the man!
What was your first show? How was it?
My first show... It was George Clinton. I was prob'ly about seven. My Mom and Dad took me. We were dancing, having a good time.
What was the last show you went to?
A punk rock show, at my friend's bar... These girls I know called, 'Dyke & Tuna Turner' were playing. 'Mr. Clit & the Pink Cigarettes' also played. It was dope.
What show in history do you wish you could have been at?
The Source Awards in NY, where they booed Snoop and ripped off Outkast for Artist of the Year.
How do you find out about new stuff?
I got connections...
What was the last album you acquired?
I'm about to be listening to that new Planet Asia, 'Black Belt Theatre', or new Torch (Tripple C)'s mixtape when i finish this.
Any band do you wish you could have been in?
Van Halen. They got a lot of girls, and drank a lot of brown liquor.

Who that you've met has the worst taste in music?
I respect everyone's taste in music. You might learn/hear something new.
Do you make music yourself?
I DJ. I use’ta make beats.
Why does everybody skate to shitty indie rock now?
'Cause skating's filled with posers.
What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Live. Be happy.

Anything else?
Stay away from women who wear Converse.

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